Government Funding for Caleb’s Treatment

The Trustees of the Caleb Faria Trust and the Patron Moira Kelly A.O., are delighted that the Federal Government has reversed its decision on the funding of Enzyme replacement treatment for Caleb on 7 June 2013, and are now fully funding it. The principal purpose of the fund when setup, was to provide funding for this treatment or any alternative treatment based on medical advice, that may help Caleb have a better quality of life.

The Trustees believe it is prudent to maintain the funds, still accepting donations but not actively fundraising. The Trustees will monitor Caleb’s progress under this treatment and if unsuccessful, will look to further medical advice on alternative treatments, and utilise the funds accordingly.

Once all treatment options have been exhausted, the Trustees would then donate any remaining funds, to further the research into MPS and related treatments.

The trustees and Caleb’s family would like to extend their thanks to each and everyone of you, for your donations and your support of Caleb through his journey to date.